Objectives of the project

To reach its targeted breakthrough, the GOEASY project pursued the following objectives:

1: to implement and evaluate an innovative eco-system for trusted and dependable mass-market Location-Based Services (LBS) and Applications, exploiting GALILEO features for increased trust and improved availability.

2: to deliver an end-to-end, adaptive framework for dependable and trusted measurement and exchange of position information built upon Galileo multi-constellation and authentication features and on existing open architectures for e-Security enabling secure and privacy-savvy exchange of personal position information.

3: to deliver scalable cloud-oriented services suitable for mass-market scenarios with growing number of mobile users engaged in position-dependant applications

4: to enable rapid development of interoperable and trusted generic applications through open API (Application Programming Interface) and SDKs (Software Development Kits) for mobile LBS

5: to foster interoperability of Galileo-based applications with open Internet-of-Things (IoT) eco-systems through well-established open standards and enablers