Third Issue – March 2020


The GOEASY project entered its third year of implementation. If you are curious to know what happened in the last few months, here below you can find a selection of news and topics. To discover even more: read our blog and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Project implementation has advanced: the platform and pilot applications’ development progressed dramatically: system integration is the main current task for the technical partners, including: raw data collection analysis, the Anonymizer tool developing, and the alpha version testing of the pilot applications and of the platform itself.

Some test users reading the task list to perform on the GoPongo app – ApesMobility Pilot


Did you know that you can learn more about our partners? Not only you can read their story on our website, but you can also discover more about their role in the project through a series of video interviews, available on our YouTube channel… Join us on the channel!


The GOEASY solution speaks to different types of audience… whether you are a citizen, a researcher, a developer or a city manager, GOEASY offers a solution to you.


GOEASY will make Galileo’s GNSS technology available to apps that provide Location Based Services. GOEASY can deliver information from the connected apps to municipalities, to understand mobility patterns. GOEASY will overcome the trade-off between the privacy of users and the supply of meaningful information to Smart City decision makers.


GOEASY will increase the trust that users have for mobile applications, dealing with position and data transfer: GOEASY demonstrates that smart data collection, for improved decision making, does not necessarily need to compromise with citizen privacy. The research outputs are relevant for EU citizens lives, promoting a healthier environment, increasing sustainability in cities, creating employment opportunities and improving existing technologies.

Mobile Industry

GOEASY is the first project trying to exploit Galileo authentication features for mass-market devices and applications. The GOEASY project is delivering innovative services and enablers for industry and smart cities, leveraging on Galileo’s GNSS technologies. GOEASY will make the development of new apps related to healthy & sustainable behaviours easier. GOEASY will provide tools to increase robustness and security in GNSS-based solutions.

Research Community

The GOEASY consortium features highly skilled partners, bringing along diverse fields of expertise. The GOEASY Platform will collect data that can be used for determination of location, optimising services like route planning of public transport in Smart Cities and for health monitoring – respecting the privacy of users. GOEASY will provide benchmarking for further research through practical experience and will provide background to researchers to work with GNSS collected data.

Public Authorities

GOEASY services are a powerful asset for IoT technologies for Smart Cities. GOEASY will facilitate the adoption of innovative services stimulating and rewarding citizens towards sustainable behaviours. GOEASY will provide highly detailed information to improve the urban development planning. GOEASY results are useful to decision-makers to access solutions that overcome some trade-offs between the collection of citizen data and privacy & security issues.