ApesMobility: GoPongo

Current transportation patterns cause not only environmental problems but also impact human health and living quality in urban environments. EU cities are dedicating major efforts to the shift towards more sustainable transport solutions. Besides improvements in mobility technologies, which include higher efficiency, renewable energy sources and low carbon fuels, the adoption of more sustainable behaviours by citizens depends on behavioural changes.

The greenApes platform created a framework including psychological and economic incentives towards sustainable lifestyles and – thanks to the new features (GoPongo app; check-in functionality) developed for the ApesMobility pilot – it also promotes sustainable mobility choices.

The development of GoPongo allows greenApes to overcome these problems and offers to customer cities and companies:
1. a fully controlled and transparent system to certify (and reward) walking and biking in cities as well as the use of public transport; 
2. valuable data concerning the mobility patterns of citizens/employees (of great interest for mobility managers and planners), without compromising with user privacy (as tracks are completely anonymized).

The GoPongo character, on the cover of the user guide

The goal of the GoPongo application (and the ApesMobility pilot), in combination with the GOEASY platform services, is to provide a privacy friendly solution, capable of engaging citizens in the sharing of anonymous “rich” mobility tracks to help mobility planners and promote sustainable mobility. Municipalities and public agencies are key potential beneficiaries of the mobility data collected via GoPongo and GOEASY. But high quality mobility data are also extremely valuable to companies that are working on home-work mobility plans and that formalise the profile of an internal Mobility Manager to monitor commuting habits of employees and work on the reduction of environmental impacts of commuters.

The Home screen on the App