Health care cost for air pollution induced respiratory diseases is rapidly increasing in all large cities. Urban air pollution is estimated to cost approximately 2% of GDP in developed countries and 5% in developing countries.

The idea is to provide accurate location based real-time air quality data to large city customers, by implementing a Galileo based secure mobile air quality monitoring platform together with a mobile asthma management smartphone app the help the asthmatic to identify places and pollutants that tend to provoke attacks.

The mobile air quality monitoring platform is packaged as an add-on to electric bike fleets in large cities. The mobile sensor platform is constantly uploading air quality measurements with Galileo-enhanced precise location to a cloud service. These measurements is then utilized in the AsthmaWatch app.

The Mobile Sensor Gateway
Map showing air quality on the App

By monitoring respiratory conditions with a digital spirometer and correlating the result with the air quality situation in the city in real-time, a majority of the expensive emergency healthcare visits can be avoided. Every day, outdoor air quality changes on a street-by-street basis. By crowdsourcing air quality information from mobile sensors, we help citizens proactively avoid unhealthy environments.