The GOEASY project is delivering innovative services and enablers for industry and smart cities, leveraging on GALILEO/GNSS technologies

The project aimed at implementing and evaluating an innovative eco-system for trusted and dependable mass-market location-based services and applications, exploiting EGNSS features for increased trust and improved availability. GOEASY kicked off in December 2017 and ended in May 2021, working on three main layers. 


GOEASY Applications is a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) line, marketing mobile applications built upon trusted LBS. Learn more about our two pilot applications: AsthmaWatch and ApesMobility.

As a service solutions

The GOEASY as a Service Business-to-Business (B2B) line targets existing third-party applications in need to increase their level of e-security and trust, by leveraging the cloud infrastructure and services offered by GOEASY.


The GOEASY Engineering B2B line targets existing companies willing to adopt GOEASY for enriching their applications and connected products with trusted positioning features.  

The GOEASY Architecture is a Flexible and Extensible Mass-market Applications Architecture for Optimized Location Based Services

The GOEASY project aimed at developing flexible and extensible mass-market applications that employ signals from multi-constellation of satellites in order to provide dependable location based services (LBS). The GOEASY architecture specification adopts a component-based architectural style where the system functions are provided by a set of self-contained modules named “components”. Components communicate to each other through well-defined interfaces, which make them decoupled from each other.

With such architecture style, maximum flexibility and extensibility could be achieved since the system is not bound by certain component implementations. Instead, components could be easily replaced with new ones as long as they share the same interface.

A plug-in oriented architecture is being promoted within the GOEASY project.