GOEASY mobile IoT sensing gateway

A first version of the GOEASY mobile IoT sensing gateway is now available.

It is equipped with a Galileo-receiver, an air quality sensor, a sound level sensor and a communication chip.

The gateway is designed to be mounted on bicycles and electrical scooters. The sensors in gateway is continuously measuring the NO2 level and the sound level and transmits the measurements using NB-IoT (Narrow-band IoT) to the GOEASY cloud. The Galileo chip gives the precise position of the measurements as the vehicle moves around.

The GOEASY gateway runs on battery or can be powered using USB from an electrical bike or scooter battery.

When many vehicles are moving around in the city GOEASY will be able to create a complete air and sound pollution map in real time over the city. This data will form the basis for development of a new generation of services for citizens. The first service is AsthmaWatch, which will help and guide asthmatic people in avoiding polluted areas in the city. A first test of the GOEASY gateway will start during May in the cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm.

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