Fifth Issue – March 2021


The GOEASY project contributes to the consolidation of an environmentally aware and engaged public community in the EU, while delivering added value innovative solutions for Location Based Services and opening new scenarios and opportunities for Smart City solutions.
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Coronavirus Global Response

The European Commission has made a significant contribution to the Coronavirus Global Response also through Horizon 2020.

The GOEASY project proposed an analysis about: could positions associated with devices help track networks of people who were in close contact with someone infected? Article by Dr. Sisay Adugna Chala of Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology.

Solution development

Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the last plenary meetings were held remotely, nonetheless with all our partners putting all their efforts on the project implementation. Our project was supposed to end at November 2020, but due to the current emergency, a project extension was granted by the Commission.
The aim of this extension was to implement the field trials when the emergency would be hopefully passed. The situation unfortunately has not progressed as wished in many European countries and large extended trials are not manageable at the moment: smart working and restrictions are limiting movements around cities – which are crucial for data gathering in both the pilot scenarios.
Nonetheless, the apps developed for the field trials, AsthmaWatch and GoPongo, saw huge progress in their implementations and trials were performed with a limited amount of users (for GoPongo: in July 2020 and January 2021; for AsthmaWatch: currently ongoing) and will be performed again later this Spring for the Beta evaluation tests.
System Integration test plans are finalized.

From the Partners

Discover more about how GOEASY integrates Copernicus forecast data for improved quality of life for asthmatics – article by Peter Rosengren of CNet.