The GOEASY Approach

GOEASY diagram

Applications and services leveraging on position information are growing exponentially. Devices with satellite receivers are now used by most of us in our daily routine – also for critical services such as financial transactions or health-related applications.

Due to such huge economic, social and strategic potential, the domain of location based applications is clearly a “golden target” for malicious users and hackers willing to profit from potential gaps in such services.

The GOEASY project aims at implementing a useful platform for trusted and dependable mass-market location based services (LBS) and applications (such as for mobile phones or IoT devices), by means of:

  • Improved authenticated position information provided by the Galileo services, that will be made available in the next years, guaranteeing users and service providers from spoofing attacks
  • Improved availability and precision of the position information also in urban canyon contexts, thanks to the use of Galileo jointly with GPS
  • End-to-end framework for e-security and privacy, with two-factor authentication: X.509 certificates to manage public-key encryption and XMPP messaging protocols

The GOEASY eco-system will be tested in two pilots: ApesMobility (an app adopting rewarding mechanisms and gamification approaches to promote sustainable mobility) and AsthmaWatch (an IoT based solution for healthcare).



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